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Sunbrella is a fabric made by a famous umbrella maker. From seating cushions to patio umbrellas and gazebos, Sunbrella's durable UV-resistant fibers are fully saturated with color. Traditional dyeing methods, only add color to the fiber exterior. Sunbrella resists fading and the degrading effects of sunlight. Mild soap cleans most common stains, while practically any household cleaner can be used to clean stubborn stains without affecting Sunbrella's colors. ŠThere are products that doesn't use Sunbrella.

Tarpaulin is a fabric often used on tents and trucks. The fabric is tough and has a high waterproof level so the performance of this fabric is a best match for the messengers environment. With the sudden rain you don't have to worry about having your goods getting wet. When the face of the bag gets dirty, you can put water on and brush it and get the bright shine back.